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Nuova linea BIOCLIMATICA KEDRY, KE presenta KEDRY…

Siete pronti ad iniziare in grande il nuovo anno? KE presenta la nuova linea BIOCLIMATICA KEDRY Una gamma innovativa dalle caratteristiche extrastandard, ancora più grande, performante e…

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Partnership di prestigio tra KE Protezioni Solari…

Due aziende venete, due campi di competenza affini, un intento comune: la valorizzazione reciproca di prodotti dal know-how unico ed originale. E’ nata così la partnership tra KE Protezioni Solari…

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KE ACADEMY: seminari e corsi di formazione specifici per affrontare il mercato da leader. Per poter dedicare la giusta attenzione allo sviluppo delle competenze non solo del personale tecnico, ma…

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Gennius is a modular system that allows to expand and improve the enjoyable external space, protecting it from both the sun and the elements. It is a free-standing or wall mount structure with a packing awning, and is available in 13 wooden or aluminium models.

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Sun awnings

KE designs and produces any kind of sun awning: arm awnings, drop awnings, canopies, cassette awnings and pergolas. Tailored dimensions and customised functioning and design can be obtained to match with the environment and landscape.

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Thanks to its modules, the Gallery is the ideal response to any protection needed, especially in the case of large spaces. It is built entirely of aluminium and can be shaped by the designer to form an arch tunnel or a roof. Arches are joined together by a bearing profile with a gutter shape, which makes the awning waterproof and allows water to be channelled to the drains.

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The Screeny range of vertical drop awnings is the ideal solution to protect internal spaces in addition to the traditional roller shutters and venetian blinds, in particular when considerable width is involved.

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KE is outdoor awnings manufacturer producing high quality shades, solar covers and sun awnings for home and public exteriors. Reliable, finely detailed and elegant products introduce peculiar excellence by KE for outdoor habitability and redesign of urban landscape.

KE team regularly develops new manufacturing technologies for outdoor furniture. Discovering fresh trends of exterior design creating new products to become a leader worthy and useful in the industry for your home or any public space.

With distinct assortment and variety of configurations makes KE a perfect choice between awnings manufacturers intended for experts in design and architecture as well as for sophisticated fans of genuine home comfort. Through the years of experience we strive to discover practical and safe solutions for providing comfort and everyday usability.

Manufacturing shades and solar covers of highest quality and performance we provide home level of comfort, reliable solution for the presentation of your home and stylish element of exterior design. Our outdoor awning will bring wholesome vibe to your home with special atmosphere of style and comfort.

KE never stops developing or improving its products and manufacturing outdoor awnings with quality and care perfectly embodying “Made in Italy” standards.